Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Praise For The Rolex SEA DWELLER...


Peter Gross from Denmark wrote in to share his enthusiasm for Jake's Rolex Watch Blog and to share photos of his beloved Rolex Sea Dweller. Here are Peter's words and photos:

Hi Jake,
A very big thank you and a whole-hearted admiration for your superb website.
It seems to me like the Holy “Watch” Grail finally has been found with Jake's Rolex Watch Blog – and I’ve already invested a significant amount of time dwelling and browsing through many of your fantastic articles.

There are many great sites on the Internet with loads of Rolex articles – but, in my humble opinion your Rolex Watch Blog is the most comprehensive regarding articles, photos, history, podcasts etc.

By the way, I find your podcasts to be very exciting – I'm thrilled to hear other's histories. The funny thing I have noticed with the people in your interviews is that they generally, beside watches of course, share the same passions for good design, cars, computers –especially MAC's and photography. Maybe it is a typical male thing – as I have similar interests :-)

Here is Denmark we see a growing market for mechanical watches, especially high-end models.
Last year, I purchased my first Rolex – a Sea-Dweller, and I have a strong feeling that my fascination with mechanical watches, especially Rolex - will become a long lasting obsession…

It’s really difficult to describe, but every time I look at the Sea-Dweller, I know it is just the right model for me. I like the cleaner look – without the cyclops date lens the Submariner has.

Also the overall size is perfect for me - I think that the new Sea-Dweller, Deep Sea will appear way too big on my wrist.
I would love to share some B/W images I took of my Sea-Dweller with my Nikon D2x/105 f2.8 macro. 
Again – thanks for sharing your huge knowledge and research work.
Kind Regards,

Peter Gross