Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Custom NASA Astronaut Specification Nylon Strap for Stainless Steetl Rolex GMT Master II Ceramic...

Rolex on a NASA Astronaut Strap

Klod from Poland decided to customize his new Rolex GMT Master II Ceramic by putting it on this really cool custom-made NASA Astronaut Specification strap. I can't believe how cool this watch looks with this black nylon strap. My hat is off to you Klod!!!

There is something really cool about the stainless steel with all the black and just a hint of green that looks really, really cool. Not to mention that all the NASA astronauts who wore a Rolex watch to the moon and back only wore Rolex GMT Master models.

Please understand this is NOT a NATO strap. It is a NASA Strap which means it uses velcro. Velcro was invented by NASA for the space program.

By the way, I could not help but notice that Klod's GMT Master II on the NASA strap perfectly matches the stunningly cool all-new Apple Macbook Pro laptop that goes on sale today.

Kelly M. pointed out that if you want to roll your own here are the official NASA specs:

Kelly sourced these official specs from Chuck Maddox's which you can visit by clicking here.

I originally found this super cool looking strap and the following thread that ensues on which you can view directly by clicking here. Charles Newgas, KhalilSheikh, and BSOD Mike also chime in on the fascinating Timezone thread...You gotta love this stuff!!!