Sunday, October 05, 2008

Podcast Interview with Sheldon Smith...

Sheldon Smith Podcast

On Jake's Rolex Watch Blog we have done three different kinds of Podcasts interviews to date:

• Historical
• Famous People who wear Rolex
• Rolex Book Authors
• Rolex Watch Talk (New)

We now have a fourth type of Rolex Podcast which is really almost like Rolex Radio Talk. In this podcast interview with Sheldon Smith we talk about Sheldon's superb Rolex Information and Tidbit website located at

Sheldon Smith is one of the more famous members in the online Rolex community and it's amazing how much he knows about Rolex. In this new type of podcast we simply talk about whatever is on our mind and that is what makes it like Rolex Radio. (Running Time 2:33:08)

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Podcast Show Notes

Here are images we discussed of a Rolex GMT Master [Reference 1675] with a transparent showcase back Rolex custom made for a customer in 1962: