Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Spy a Rolex GMT Pepsi...

I Spy a Rolex GMT Pepsi

Speaking of I Spy, Bill Cosby and Robert Culp both wore Pepsi Rolex GMTs on the show as you can see below. In case you are not familiar with I Spy, it was an American TV show about the adventures of two American Secret Agents named Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott.

I Spy ran for three seasons from 1965 to 1968 and completed a total of 82 Episodes, and was about international espionage agents and the dangerous missions they went on all over the world.

I Spy was unusual in the sense the show was always shot on location at exotic locales all over earth, which set a new standard for television dramas.

Kelly Robinson played by Robert Culp poses as a tennis player who lives an extravagant playboy lifestyle, and Alexander Scott played by Bill Cosby poses undercover as his tennis trainer. As they travel the globe while exhibiting exceptional savoir-faire, and everlasting coolness, they are constantly matching wits with one another.

Robert Culp's figure of Kelly Robinson always wore ascots which I have always thought was a great, elegant look. Very, very Cary Grant–Once again, homage to Cary Grant being the real James Bond in "To Catch A thief" shot in 1955.

I spy was the first American TV series to feature an African American actor in the lead role. The fact that Bill Cosby's character was of African American heritage was never mentioned in the show. Bill Cosby won 3 Emmy Awards (1966,1967, and 1968).

I must admit that since I have been wearing Rolex watches, for more than a quarter century I always thought that wearing a stainless steel Rolex Submariner or GMT Master was not correct, but after checking out I Spy and the Gary Seven Star Trek episode it has changed my mind. I know think it is a kinda off cool look.

I also really enjoyed watching the episodes of I Spy. They have a kind of campy, kitschy, fun, Grooovy Baby–Yeah!!! Austin Power's–Man Of International Mystery vibe. I think I like watching this old stuff for the same reason I appreciate other older shows like Star Trek and Jacques Cousteau Odyssey.

Watching the episodes of I Spy, left me wanting more. So I plan to purchase all the DVD episodes and watch them all and hopefully I can get some higher quality screen captures of Rolex shots.

Bill Cosby and Robert Culp also made a movie named I Spy returns in 1994.