Monday, December 01, 2008

Rolex Macro Shot of the Day: A Father's Rolex...

A Father's Vibrant Rolex

Charles Cabral Jr., sent in this email with the photo of his father's Rolex:

Dear Jake,

Thank you for your blog, I read it on a daily basis.  

I wanted to share a picture I recently took of the inside of my fathers watch (which I had never seen before).  It is a 1973 Rolex Date.  He wore it on a daily basis for all its life until he passed it on to me some time ago.  The funny thing is, its more accurate than my new Sea Dweller!  

Thanks again,


P.S. By the way, Charles was the first to sign up for a monthly subscription donation and he also made a kind separate one-time donation to Jake's Rolex Watch Blog.

Thank you very much Charles and thanks for sending in the great macro shot of your father's Rolex Date movement. It is a fascinating shot!!!