Friday, November 21, 2008

Phillip's Magnificent Rolex Submariner Prototype...

A Fascinating RED Rolex Submariner Prototype

This is an extremely rare Rolex Submariner Prototype [Reference 1680] and it is owned by one of the most fascinating Rolex collectors in the world–Philipp S. 

Philipp is not only a Rolex collector, he says he is addicted.

Technically this Submariner is referred to as a NON-Minute-Track Submariner with Tritium Indices. This Rolex Submariner also referred to as a Red Submariner because the SUBMARINER designation is red. Actually on this version the red is laid down over a white print. This overprinting process was done to make the red pop more.

Philipp does not know for certain exactly why Rolex made this prototype dial without the minute track. It could have been for many reasons, but somehow this watch left the Rolex labs and was sold into the market. In many ways, lacking the minute track gives the Submariner a fascinatingly simple look.

Magnificent Macro Shots

You can tell if a Rolex has Tritium indices by the SWISS – T<25 designation pictured above. Over time the tritium has changed color from white to an off white, almost yellow color. This yellowing also provides evidence that the dial is authentic.

In the photo below Philipp surrounds the trackless Red Submariner with two other Red Submariners from his brilliant collection. Notice the other two have minute tracks.  Philipp is a fascinating collector because he is obsessed with examining and exploring the details on his Rolex watches like not other. Thank you for sharing your stunning images with us Philipp, they are magnificent!!!