Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sean Connery Wearing A Radiomir Paneria...

Nobody Does It Better

Sir Sean Connery is pictured below raging like a Rock Star while sporting his Radiomir Panerai.

Of course the Radiomir Panerai has the Rolex inspired body from the original Rolex Reference 2533 as well as the subsequent Rolex made Panerai 3646. I believe Sean's Panerai is a stainless steel Radiomir Black Seal 45mm PAM00183 which seems to fit Sean well in that he is not only 6'2, but he is a big man–and a masculine actor;-)

In my book Sean and his watch are really cool, timeless and stylish.

You Only Live Twice

I included this photo from which shows the Radiomir Panerai model that I believe Sean Connery is wearing. Maybe 30 years from now people will refer to Panerai Radiomir PAM00183 as the Sean Connery the way they refer to the 6538 Rolex Submariner today as the James Bond?

One thing the Panerai and the Submariner 6538 have in common is they were both considered to be unusually large when Sean Connery started wearing them. 

To learn how the Panerai Radiomir diving watch evolved from the Rolex 2533, I included this illustration below that you can click on for more detail: