Monday, August 10, 2009

Carmel, California Rolex GTG Report

Carmel, California Rolex GTG Report
Friday, August 7, 2009

I think it would be safe to say the Carmel, California Rolex Get together was an absolute smashing success!!!!!!!!!!!

We all began the event in Fourtane Jeweler's in Carmel, California. Carmel is located about 2.5 hours south of San Francisco on the California coast and it is one of the most beautiful sea-side towns you can imagine.

Fourtane Jeweler's hosted the event in their beautiful store and I must say Fourtane is the most amazing jewelry store I have ever been in–particularly based upon their magnificent inventory. This upcoming week is extra special at Fourtane for two different reasons. First, because the annual Concourse de Elegance is going on in Carmel, and Fourtane has an unbelievable, off-the-Richter-scale Rolex exhibition going on in their store.

This exhibition is like nothing I have ever seen in my life and includes many historical Rolex watches–some of which we will be taking a look at.

Háček from is pictured above on the left and Sheldon Smith of is pictured on the right. Eric Ku from is pictured below.

The current exhibition includes the watch below which is the first Rolex watch ever made.

Pictured below is the first Rolex ever made. It is extremely profound to think about the amazing history in this watch!!!! Essentially it is the great grandfather of all Rolex watches and it is really profound to hold a watch in your hand that you know Hans Wilsdorf not only wore on his wrist, but started a revolution in matchmaking with!!!

This next photo is of the Rolex DEEP SEA SPECIAL that accompanied Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh on the outside of the U.S. Navy Bathyscaphe Trieste when it made its record dive 7 miles down to the bottom of the Marianas trench.

As I mentioned, Fourtane has the most amazing collection of vintage Rolex watches. I mean it is like going to a Rolex Museum and in the photo below, I am checking out a Rolex moonphase [Reference 6062].

After the amazing event in the Fourtane store we went across the street and had an amazing meal. The food and company was excellent and I wish it would have gone on for many more hours!!! So many nice, smart, friendly people all wearing and talking about Rolex!!!!

People flew in from all over the world to attend the Carmel GTG and it sold out very quickly. The event and venue was so great, we are talking about having an annual Carmel Rolex GTG!!!!