Saturday, September 18, 2021

Patrick Swayze: Kept the time of his life with Rolex

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Patrick Swayze 

Rolex Kept The Time Of His Life


I first discovered and documented Patrick Swayze wearing a Rolex Daytona back in 2008 no so long after I stared Jake's Rolex World. In the superb photo above taken by Javan Schaller which was published on the cover of Arabian Horse World Magazine we see Patrick on his horse named Tammen and he is wearing his Rolex Submariner.

Over the decades I have noticed many images of Patrick Swayze rocking Rolex watches, including the one below which Nick Gould discovered.

It's hard to believe Patrick Swayze has been gone for twelve years now. Actor Patrick Swayze starred in many 'chick-flicks' including "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost" and died when he was only 57, so if you have any dreams you have put off, now is the time to live them since we are all on the same conveyer belt of life. So, have the time of your life!!!!

I Had The Time Of My Life!!!

Patrick Swayze is pictured above wearing a stainless steel Rolex Submariner and is pictured below wearing his yellow gold Rolex Daytona which illustrates that Rolex kept the time of his life and that Swayze lived-it-up. As Saroyan so articulately put it "In the time of your life–live!!!"

Below we see a cool image of Patrick with Brook Shields who is wearing here Rolex Lady Date.