Thursday, May 26, 2016

Howard Schultz: Founder & CEO of Starbucks

...Rolex Coolness...

Howard Schultz
Founder & CEO of Starbucks
Vintage Rolex Keeping The Time Of His Life

Howard Shultz is not only the founder and CEO of Starbucks, but a vintage Rolex collector. Howard is pictured below on the cover of the 2016 Forbes Magazine Special Issue named, "Meet The Richest People On The Planet."

In these next three photos we see him wearing his vintage Paul Newman Daytona with an Exotic dial, which is similar looking to the one that sold at the Phillips Auction House a few weeks ago for over $2 Million. Why is Howard Schultz so into collecting and wearing vintage Rolex sport watches? Because they are so timeless and beautiful, not to mention as a brand, Rolex is highly iconic, just like Starbucks Coffee.

In this next two photos we CEO Howard Shultz sporting a vintage Rolex Espresso GMT Master.

In these next photos we see Howard Shultz wearing a vintage Rolex Explorer.

The Starbucks Submariner

With all due respect, I think Howard Schultz would be better-off wearing a Starbucks Submariner or 50th Anniversary Submariner. I created this graphic illustration last year to illustrate how the LV Submariner reminded me of the Starbucks logo.

In all seriousness, Howard Schultz wrote one of the absolute best and most inspirational business autobiographies I have ever read, which I very highly recommend!!!

The book titled Pour Your Heart Into It tells the story not only of how Howard Schultz built the Starbucks empire, but goes into great detail on his business ethics philosophy. I remember he talked about how he insisted that all Starbucks employees be given health care and I also remember him talking about the power of Under-promising and Over-delivering.