Saturday, November 14, 2009

10 PAST TEN Launches 2.0 Website...

10 PAST TEN Launches 2.0 Website

My pal, Eric Ku at just let me know he just completed an overhaul of his already great webiste.

If you are not familiar with Eric Ku, he is one of the top vintage Rolex dealers on earth. I love hanging out with Eric because he has an encyclopedic knowledge of Rolex watches and Rolex history.

Eric is pictured above behind the counter at Fourtané Jewelers in Carmel during the First Annual Vintage Rolex Concours Exhibition and Carmel GTG which takes place the same week as the Car Concours de Elegance in Carmel California. I remember Eric had an ultra-rare Rolex Explorer II Prototype I had never seen before which blew my mind. Unfortunately he would not let me photograph it :-(((

Eric Ku has an amazing Rolex fixture collection which includes the brass point of sale display pictured below.

Eric Ku somehow is able to get ahold of ultra-rare vintage Rolex watches most people have never even seen before like the Rolex Thunderbird [Reference 6609] seen below. Also whenever you see a photo with the background as seen in the photo above and below, you know it is Eric's.

The Real Single Red
[Rolex Reference 1665. Circa 1967]

Eric also had this crazy-rare Rolex Single-Red SEA LAB SEA-DWELLER which is one of several in existence. Definitely check our Eric's all new website by clicking here.

To see all the post we have done on Eric Ku's watches, just click on the Label below named "ERIC KU."