Monday, March 22, 2010

BaselWorld 2010 Reflections Plus Supercase Submariner Wallpaper...

BaselWorld 2010 Reflections
+ Rolex Supercase Submariner Wallpaper

So I thought I would share my reflections with you on BazelWorld 2010. The Tudor Heritage Chrono freaked everybody out in a great way and there were some very nice ladies watches, but I think the most significant takeaway point is the all-new Supercase Submariner.

The Submariner has always been my favorite Rolex overall and to this day it remains Rolex's most iconic watch, although Leo disagrees with me and thinks the Datejust is equally or more iconic.

I might be reading between the lines, or hallucinating or simply attempting to project my own autobiography on to Rolex, but it seem like Rolex has been going through some extreme changes since the departure of its former CEO, Patrick Heiniger. It seems like Rolex has done almost an about-face and is returning to its heritage, and this appears to be coming across with the introduction of the new Submariner.

I say this because of one simple detail: the fact they did not polish the center links. Keeping the brushed/satin finished center links maintains the Submariner as a true tool watch. This detail also seems significant, because many people in the Rolex community have voiced their opinion that they did not want to see them on the Submariner and Rolex seems to have listened–or maybe they had it planned this way all along?

I have not had the change to wear the all-new Submariner, but it appears to be one HUGE leap forward on the evolutionary scale. The black dial with the fat hands and Maxi Markers looks so poppin and trademark, and the supercase with the jumbo crown-gaurds looks really strong.

Also, the new ceramic bezel looks great with its etched-out 3D numbers. Also the all-new glide-lock is a very welcome addition.

If you click on the images above they will give you a desktop wallpaper image that is 1600 x 900 pixels. For those of you who have the amazing new Apple 27inch iMac I prepared high resoltuion versions: