Friday, March 26, 2010

Jocke's BaselWorld 2010 Report...

Jocke's BaselWorld 2010 Report
Jocke [The Entity Numero Uno At The Tosser List]

Many people in the online Rolex world know Jocke from Sweden who is a Rolex fanatic and he is JJ's nemesis on All I can tell you is that Jocke and JJ make me laugh more than any great comedian with their constant back-and-forth jabbering.

I think that is one of the things that makes the online Rolex community so fun–the personalities and camaraderie. Think about it for a second, Jocke lives in Sweden and J.J. lives in New Zealand and I am writing this from San Francisco, California and you are reading this somewhere between these three places!?!?! The World Wide Web is really just that!!!

Define Rolex fanatic? O.K., Jock drove a van over 1000 miles from Sweden to Basel Switzerland to attend BaselWorld and it only took him 15 hours!!! Jocke is a really talented photographer and he always puts together his BaselWorld Report which is always fascinating.

You should check out his great BaselWorld 2010 report, and the thing I found most fascinating were his photos of the new Tudor Heritage Chrono. This first photo on the nylon strap with a racing strip is amazing!!!

I definitely prefer the black base dial (below) over the grey based dial (two pictures down). Dell Deaton from JamesBondWatches mentioned on March 17, 2010 that "Another James Bond Watch brand to be announced after Basel Watch Fair."

Of course the obvious choice would be for James Bond to return to Rolex, and I hope EON Productions doesn't do something dopey like announce James Bond is going to be wearing some goofy new brand.

I also couldn't help but wonder if Tudor might be the new choice of Bond? I realize it seems far-fetched, but this all-new Tudor Heritage Chrono seems all James Bonded out to me.

The next two photos are really interesting because the first one is of the all-new Tudor Heritage Chrono, and the one below it is of the original home plate version.

The photo below that Jocke took at BaselWorld 2010 shows the first generation Tudor-Chrono that apparently was an unreleased prototype. This is the watch the all-new Tudor Heritage Chrono is based upon, and the first Tudor home plate that was introduced to the public for sale was identical to this watch with the exception of the bezel insert.