Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rolex Hotness: Ingrid Hoffman-LV Submariner...

...Rolex Super-Hotness...

Ingrid Hoffman
Rolex LV Submariner

Below are pictures of Ingrid Hoffman, the TV-star Chef wearing an LV 50th Anniversary Submariner [Men's] Rolex. From a man's perspective there is nothing sexier than a woman wearing a men's Rolex ;-)

Ingrid Hoffman is a Colombian/American television personality who hosts the Food Network Series named Simply Delicioso, as well as the Spanish-language cooking and lifestyle sow named Deliciouso which appears on Galavisión. Ingrid is also a restaurateur. 

50th Anniversary Rolex LV Submariner

People always ask me what my favorite Rolex watches is? The LV Submariner is definitely one of my favorite vintage Rolex watches. Rolex introduced the LV Submariner to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Rolex Submariner, and instead of putting a standard black bezel insert, they added the green bezel insert, which gives the watch a really fresh, cool look. The LV Submariner also represents the return of the Maxi markers that Rolex stopped making in the early 1980s. Maxi markers are much better, as they are more visible, and aquatic looking.

A gorgeous, stylish woman serving you warm, fresh-baked YUMMY cookies wearing an LV Rolex Submariner. Mama Mia!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ingrid Hoffmann is pictured below with Superstar Chef, Emeril Lagasse, who also wears Rolex watches.

Ingrid Hoffman can be seen in the video below sporting her LV Submariner, and as you see she is speaking Spanish.