Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All New-Rolex Supercase Explorer II Orange Hand BaselWorld 2011 Review

All New-Rolex Supercase Explorer II Orange Hand
BaselWorld 2011 Introduction & Review

The Polar Phantom Rolex

Mission Control. The Eagle has landed!!!!! Repeat. The Eagle has landed!!!!! Rolex's teaser from last years BaselWorld turned out to be true and it looks like an absolute winner to me!!!! It is particularly impressive that Rolex decided to up the case diameter size from the previous Explorer II, which was 40mm, too 42mm!!!

This is not the largest standard Rolex Sports watch, although it is bigger than the Submariner, and GMT-Master which are 40mm. The new Explorer II is the going to give Rolex Sports watches a whole new, and much needed, larger vibe, which is very exciting!!!

Last But Not Least

The reason I say "Last But Not Least" is because the Rolex Explorer is the last of the Rolex Sports watches to get a major design overhaul, and now it is the Super-Coolness!!!! Methinks there are going to be waiting lists for this amazing new watch which is already an instant classic!!!!!!

Rolex is extremely conservative in many ways, but with the all-new Rolex Explorer II, they really stepped it up and went a bit retro, which is awesome!!!! The Rolex Explorer II is the last sport watch to (finally!!!!) get Maxi-Markers, and wow!!! They look great!!!

If you are not familiar with the term "Maxi-Markers" it refers to the size of the 5-Minute Markers on the dial. The last version of the Explorer II had much smaller 5-Minute Markers. Another name for the 5-Minute Markers is "5-Minute Indices." The Maxi-Markers, coupled with the Maxi-Case and Orange 24hour hand give this all-new Rolex a really bold, fresh, masculine, solid, colorful, high-contrast, super-sporty, cool, arctic, popping look!!!!!

Bigger Is Better

So what is the real significance of the all-new Rolex Explorer II growing from 40mm to 42mm? As I mentioned earlier, Rolex is always extremely cautious when it comes to change. The reality is ever since their debut around 1915, wristwatches have continued to grow is size. Why? It is simple. Because humans keep growing, getting taller and bigger overall, so it makes sense that watches should follow. Rolex has been a little slow or reluctant to make their watches larger, but the all-new 42 Explorer II cleary heralds a new size mindset for Rolex.