Sunday, May 22, 2011

...Outdoor Shot Of The Day... Tommy's Italian Rolex Polar Explorer II Happiness In A Field Of Flowers

...Outdoor Shot Of The Day...

Tommy's Italian Rolex Polar Explorer II

Happiness In A Field Of Flowers

Tommy is a daily reader of Jake's Rolex World and he sent in this amazing photo with the following note:

Hi Jake,

My name is Tommy and i'm from Italy. I read Jake's Rolex World every day, and for me it's like a drug. I enjoy your very interesting stories about Rolex watches and history.

I'm a great fan of Rolex and watches in general (I also read your Patek Philippe Blog ;) and since I was a child I dreamed about having a Rolex, but for me it was very expensive and all the watches I owned were gifts from my parents (Speedmaster, Monaco, Seamaster, Hamilton).

Two days ago my dream became reality, when I bought a Rolex Explorer 2. My Explorer has a white dial and is from 1993, but I am so happy to finally own a Rolex. I feel so happy, like a child with its toy!

I can't describe my happiness, but I think you can imagine it!!!

I took some photos of my Rolex and it would be so cool if you can show this photo of my watch on Jake's Rolex World Blog, which I consider my Holy Bible. If you publish this image of my watch it would take me to Paradiseeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (if you like the photo I took...I'm a poor photographer).

I must say my knowledge of Rolex watches increased significantly since I started reading Jake's Rolex World, and it has also improved my English.

I hope you understand my email, since my English is not so good.

Thanks a lot and good job and good luck for your blog.


P.S. Did you ever think about writing a book about the stories you tell on Jake's Rolex World?

I would like to thank you Tommy for sharing your great photo of your beautiful Rolex Explorer II. It is a great photo, and I would also like to thank you for sharing your very kind words regarding Jake's Rolex World.

I must admit, it is readers like you who make me push myself as hard as I can to keep researching and publishing Jake's Rolex World.

People ask me all the time if I plan to publish a book or books about Rolex and the answer is no. Why? Books are so 20th Century! I believe there are so many advantages that publishing on the web has over print publishing.

First and foremost, there is unlimited room on the web, so I can make a story as long as I want, and as I gain new insight, and images, I can easily update all the stories on Jake's Rolex World, whereas with a book, once it is published, that's it.

That being said, I very seriously considered developing an application for the iPad, but after much in-depth research, I concluded, that the web was the ultimate medium, so I optimized all the content on Jake's Rolex World so it looks amazing on an Apple iPad. If you have not checked out Jake's Rolex World on an iPad, do so. It looks great!!! Particularly if you view it in portrait mode.