Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Tiger Woods Becomes Rolex Ambassador

...The Greatest Golfer In History...

Tiger Woods Becomes Rolex Ambassador

Rolex just signed a deal today with Tiger Woods to become an official Rolex Ambassador. Tiger is perhaps the greatest Golf player in history, having won 14 majors and 82 worldwide wins.

Tiger Woods is picture above and below sporting the new 41mm Rolex Day-Date in White Gold

In an official statement released today Rolex said:

ROLEX and Tiger Woods: A Partnership For A New Challenge

In Keeping with its passion for excellence and its long-standing commitment to the world of golf, Rolex is proud to announce its partnership with American golfer Tiger Woods.

The association pays tribute to the exceptional stature of Tiger Woods and the leading role he plays in forging the sports global appeal. It also constitutes a joint commitment to the future.

Rolex is convinced that Tiger Woods still has a long career ahead of him and that he has all the qualities required to continue to mark the history of golf. The brand is committed to accompanying him in his new challenge.

Tiger woods is joining the family of Rolex ambassadors, who are chosen for their talent, their perseverance and their ability to communicate their passion for their sport. They include emerging young champions as well as established top male and female golfers.

The association between Rolex and golf stretches back to the 1960s with the brand's support for the "Big Three: –Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. Since then, the relationship has constantly been enriched. Today, it translates into partnerships not only with players but also with the leading and most prestigious actors in the world of golf, the governing bodies or the major professional tours and tournaments.

The Tiger Tudor

Tiger Woods is no stranger to Rolex. Rolex and Tiger Woods had a long running relationship and Rolex made the Tiger Tudor as a line of models in their Tudor Collection.

Tiger Woods is pictured below with his father who was his trainer until he passed away. Tiger is pictured wearing his trademark Tiger Tudor made by Rolex. Tiger said his father Earl Woods was not only his best friend, but the best friend he could ever have in his life because they were so close.

Here is a photo of the original Rolex Tudor Tiger model.