Thursday, June 06, 2013

Jim Croce Rolex Submariner...

Jim Croce

Rolex Submariner

I have been working on creating another blog named Jake's Music World and I recently posted a few videos of 1970s recording legend, Jim Croce. Unfortunately Croce passed away when he was only 30 years old in 1973. He died in a plane crash. The photo below shows Jim Croce wearing his Rolex Submariner on the cover of his first Album which was published in 1966 and it was named Facets. 

I thought is would be on-point to post this story now, because his Submariner is almost identical to the one in the Rolex Submariner ad I posted yesterday.

The story behind Jim Croce's first album, named Facets, is fascinating. Jim Croce's financed the first 500 copies pressed with a $500 wedding gift from his parents. Croce's parents gift was conditional and they insisted that if he accepted the gift he has to spend it on making a album. Ironically his parents thought the album would fail and Jim wold then give up on his music career, and go to college so he could then get a respectable job. Obviously, things did not work out the way they expected, and Jim Croce went on to become an international recording superstar.