Sunday, April 07, 2013

Black Dial "Padellone"Rolex MoonPhase

...A Unique Rolex...

1951 Black Dial "Padellone"Rolex MoonPhase
38MM Stainless Steel: Reference 8171

There is nothing in the world like seeing a unique (ultra-rare, one-of-a-kind) Rolex model that is also stunningly beautiful (that you never new existed), for the first time. Such experiences are extremely rare in-and-of-themselves, but here it is...A Rolex "Padellone" (as the Italian's refer to this Rolex Moonphase Reference 8171), with a Black dial. Wait a minute!?!?! A Black dial Padellone!?!?!?!

Yes. This is the first time you have ever seen a black dial Rolex Padellone, and is she crazy beautiful or what!?!?! I am speechless... The watch was came from the family of a military officer, and the black pock marks in the stainless steel case are the result of exposure to salt water. This crazy patina is the result of the case never being cleaned for approximately 40 years. I am feeling verklempt and gobsmacked at this moment!!! This watch is insane!!! 

Remember, you saw this unique and mesmerizing Rolex Moonphase pictured and documented for the very first time on Jake's Rolex World...

There are many examples of the Rolex triple-date moon phase, Reference 8171 with a white, or silvered dial, and you can see many of them by clicking on the  Label below that says "Reference 8171." That being said, I have never previously seen or know of anybody documenting an 8171 with a black dial. 

The black dial is stunning, as it gives the watch a whole different vibe, which is more upscale, formal, nighttime. Also the red arrow pointer coupled with the blue moonphase dial, with the gold moon and stars, as well as the the gold date markers, coupled with the silver 5 minute markers gives the watch and American military flag kind of look.

Keeping Things In Context

The watch is also really unusual, because Rolex only ever made two different complicated Rolex models with a moonphase. The other Rolex moonphase model, known as a Reference 6062, has been documented with black dials but they are very rare, meaning I have only seen between 5-10, but they always have a Rolex trademark matching black ground moonphase disk, whereas the one pictured above looks more like a Patek Philippe, since it has a navy blue ground moonphase disk.

Pictured below is another ultra-rare Rolex Moonphase Reference 6062 in New Old Stock (NOS) condition. Rolex came out with the The Reference 6062 right after the Reference 8171, and one big difference, is the 6062 (pictured below) came with a waterproof Rolex Oyster case. 

Notice the Moonphase disk ground color is black on the 6062 (pictured above), and not blue like on the 8171. I assume Rolex came up with this design language to differentiate their Moonphase models from other brands? Hmmmm!?!?

Seeing uber-rare Rolex watches like these make me wonder how many other crazy/rare Rolex watches are lost away in drawers and safety deposit boxes collecting dust?