Thursday, January 09, 2014

Matthew Weiner Vintage Rolex Explorer

....Rolex Super Coolness...

Matthew Weiner
MAD MEN Producer

Vintage Rolex Explorer

Matthew Weiner is an American writer, director and producer who is best known as the creator of the TV Show MAD MEN, which is on the AMC Channel. MAD MEN is one of the most successful TV series in history and to date it has won 15 Emmy Awards!!!

Matthew was also a writer and producer for the HBO mega-hit, The Sopranos. Matthew Weiner is pictured sbovr wearing his vintage Rolex Explorer.
Back in September of 2010, I documented how the star of MAD MEN, Jon Hamm's character, Donald Draper was wearing a vintage Rolex Explorer as seen in the images below. If you look closely, it appears it is the exact same watch!!!

By the way, the sixth season of MAD MEN debuted last night on AMC.

In the photo below, we see the watch in the photo above, zoomed-in significantly and we can make a positive I.D., and confirm it is a Rolex Explorer since we can make out the 3, 6, and 9 Arabic markers on the dial.