Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A New Rolex Moonphase?

A New Rolex Moonphase?

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ROLEX Cellini Dual Time
39MM Reference 50529 in Everose Gold

Rolex introduced a new dress watch today, and it is called a Cellini Dual Time, and it kind of looks like a classic moonphase, and I definetely has a nice symmetrical balance. This all new model has an AM/PM complication that switches between an icon of the sun and moon, which looks kind of cool. The watch also has beautifully engraved "Guilloche" dial, what offers a great deal of visual interest. The version below is made from Rolex Everose gold.

This innovative new model has an automatic movement and keeps time in two different zones. It achieves this by having the standard time on the big hands, and the time in the second zone, on the sub-dial hands. This is much easier to understand than keeping time in a second time-zone, like on a GMT-Master.

In my opinion, Rolex needs to ditch the "Cellini" designations and only make "Rolex Watches." "Cellini" is a genuinely beautiful Italian name, but it dilutes the "Rolex" brand name, and is confusing, and unnecessary. This Rolex dress watch model should be a "Rolex Dual Time", not a "Rolex, Cellini, Dual Time."

Rolex is also offering the Dual Time Cellini in white gold, as seen below.