Wednesday, March 18, 2015

...BaselWorld 2015 Introduction...EverRose Gold YACHT-MASTER

...BaselWorld 2015 Introduction...

EverRose Gold 18KT
37MM and 40MM Models Reference 116655 

Rolex is rolling out it's new 2015 live @ BaselWorld, as I write this, and this year has some really exciting and interesting new developments. First, we start with an all-new Rose Gold Yacht-Master, which has a ceramic bezel insert which Rolex refers to as "Cerachrom". It also has a matching bead-blasted black dial, which is another first for a Yacht-Master model. 

The model comes standard with a black elastomer Strap, with a matching deployment buckle, which is a first for Rolex. Is this a great looking Rolex, or what!?!?!!!!!

Rolex named the metal reinforced elastomer strap "OysterFlex", which give it a really sporty look...It's comes in the standard 40mm, as well as a new 37mm model. As you can see the Cerachrom bezel insert has raised markers which give it a very dimensional and sporty look...

Rolex developed EverRose gold which has a unique characteristic of not changing color over time. This way, they watch will always look the same. You can learn much more about the genesis of by reading my article titled, "The Complete History Of The Rolex Yacht-Master."