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Glenn Campbell: Legendary Country Music Musician

...Rolex Super Coolness...

Glen Campbell
Legendary Country Music Musician

Summer is almost here in the United States, which conjures up images of beach fun, barbecue and some good old-fashioned country music, so I thought it would be fun to take a look back at Glen Campbell who passed away a seven years ago in 2017. 

Legendary Country musician and former Beach Boy, Glenn Campbell passed away at age 81 in Nashville, Tennessee. Glenn had an amazing career that lasted more than a half century, and he wore a Rolex Day-Date to keep the time of his life. Glenn Campbell unfortunately developed Alzheimers toward the end of his life...

Glen Campbell is pictured below in 1969 wearing a watch that looks like Rolex Big Crown Submariner, but I have not been able to see enough detail to make a positive ID.

Glen Campbell is pictured below on the cover of his 1984 album titled, "Letter To Home".

On the album cover below for Glen Campbell's album titled Arkansas, which was released in 1975, we see him proudly sporting his Rolex Day-Date with a champagne dial.

Glenn Campbell's daughter, Ashley Campbell posted the photo below on her Facebook page just after her father passed away and said:

"Heartbroken. I owe him everything I am, and everything I ever will be. He will be remembered so well and with so much love." —Ashley Campbell

It appears in the photo above that Glenn Campbell's daughter, Ashley Campbell is wearing his yellow gold Rolex Day-Date. Below we see a video of Ashley Campbell and her father Glen Campbell in 2012 playing Dueling Banjos, with Glen on guitar.

In the video below we see Glen Campbell and Roy Clark playing 'Ghost Riders In The Sky'. Glen Campbell and Roy Clark were to of the best country guitar players in history.

Beach Boys


Glen Campbell (pictured below on the left) toured with the Beach Boys in 1964 and replaced Brian Wilson. 

Glen Campbell was a session guitarist for the Beach Boys, and he played on hits such as Fun, Fun, Fun, and Dance, Dance, Dance. He also played on Pet Sounds. Glenn Campbell is pictured below with Carl Wilson.

Glenn Campbell is pictured below on the far right with The Beach Boys. 

Beach boys lead singer, Mike Love, who is pictured below (second from the left) wrote on his Facebook page and said, "I've never met a more talented person in all the years we have been in the music business and never had a better time on tour than the time spent with Glen."

Glenn Campbell was good friends with Elvis Presley, and is pictured below with Elvis and Pricilla Presley.


In the video below which originally aired on May 25, 1981, we see Glen Campbell performing one of his biggest hits, "Rhinestone Cowboy", and he is wearing his trademark Rolex Day-Date.

In the video below recorded live in Dublin on May 1, 1981 Glen Campbell covers David Loggins song "Please Come To Boston" which is an amazing song.

In the photo below, we see Glen Campbell on State with Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, during performance by the Highwaymen.

I was talking to my good pal, Stan Barrett and he mentioned he read this Glen Campbell story and enjoyed it very much. He said he thought it was very thorough and comprehensive. Then he said, "But I think you left out a key video". I asked Stan which video that was, and he mentioned that it was the last song Glen Campbell recorded and it was called "I'm Not Gonna Miss You". Then Stan warned my and said, "If you watch the video it will probably make you cry." It did :-( 

Stan Barrett also mentioned he once met Glen Campbell back in June of 1964, which was just before Glen joined the Beach Boys. He recalled that Glen Campbell was a really nice guy and mentioned that he recalled that Glen really began his career doing demos for songs.

I just discovered the video below which is amazing as we see Glen Campbell sing an acoustic version of Southern Nights, and notice he is wearing his yellow gold Day-Date.