Thursday, March 09, 2023

Nadia Comăneci: The First Perfect 10

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Nadia Comăneci

The First Perfect 10

1976 Montreal Olympics

Stainless Steel Rolex Daytona

Nadia Comaneci is considered to be on of the greatest Olympic athletes in history. At the age of 14, in 1976, she stepped into history as she became the first gymnast to be awarded a perfect score of 10.0. She went on in that Olympics to win seven perfect 10 scores in the 1976 Olympics, thus winning three gold Olympic medals. At the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, Nadia wood two gold medals. Nadia is one of the most famous gymnasts in the world, and is widely credited for popularizing gymnastics internationally.

"Hard work has made it easy. That is my secret. That is why I win."

Nadia Comăneci

In the photo above, we see Nadia wearing her stainless steel Rolex Daytona. You have got to watch Nadia's 1976 Olympic performance in the video below. She is absolutely amazing!!!