Sunday, September 24, 2017

Google Maps 3D Satellite View Rolex Movement Factory Bienne, Switzerland 1928

Google Maps
3D Satellite View
Rolex Movement Factory
Bienne, Switzerland

Let's get in the Rolex Time Machine and go back to Switzerland in 1925, and take a look around to see what Rolex looked like. 1925 was a very good year for Rolex. Rolex was just putting the finishing touches on the worlds first waterproof watch they were just preparing to bring to market a year later in 1926.

Wouldn't it be cool if Google Maps had a feature where you could go back in time using the 3D Satellite View and take a look at the way things used to be!?!! If you look at the title of this story, I was kidding when I said, 'Google Maps, 3D Satellite View', because that is what these photos look like. 

The photo above and the two photos below were taken at low altitude from an airplane or hot air balloon in the mid 1920s in Bienne, Switzerland and show the original /Rolex movement factory, which was part of the Aegler S.A. company. 

It is amazing when you look at these photos, and you can't help but notice how few structures there were in downtown Bienne, Switzerland. Right-click on these images and open them in another browser window so you can see all the crazy HD resolution! I don't think anybody has ever seen these photos before, and it was actually Jose from who found and shared them with me, when he was doing research!

The photo below shows Rolex Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland in 1928. Notice the Rolex Logo on the front of the building is identical to the one the front of the building above. The Rolex logo has a long underline coming of the bottom of the "R" in ROLEX, which runs to the "X". The Rolex logo typeface in the late 1920s was definitely much, much more modern and art-deco than the current Rolex Logo typeface.