Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Casey Neistat on How He Broke His Rolex..

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Casey Neistat

How He 'Broke' His Rolex

The world is changing very quickly, and some of the most influential personalities are YouTube vloggers. "vlogger" stands for Video Blogger, and last month Danny Introduced us to Logan Paul who is a 22-year-old vlogger, who recently bought his first Rolex. Today, if you are not already familiar with Casey Neistat, I am happy to introduce you to him. Casey is one of the top vloggers with 8.5 million followers on YouTube. It is pretty difficult to shatter a Rolex synthetic sapphire, and I certainly never have, but in this video, we witness how Casey shattered his. This video is from September 9, 2016 and already has 3.5 million views! Also, in this video, Casey mentions he had just passed 1 Billion video views, and a little more than a year later he has passed 2 Billion View...

Rolex Christmas Gift

"A day without laughter is a wasted day." —Pablo Picasso

Speaking of 3.5 million views and Logan Paul, he published a vlog on YouTube less than 24 hours ago, and it already has had close to 3.5 million views!!! In the video below, Paul and his brother Jake gave their mother $10,000 in cash for Christmas as well as a ladies Rolex Datejust.  Logan Paul's approach to vlogging is really high in energy, quirky, silly, emotional, funny and in many ways, he is like a modern Benny Hill on steroids. This video may not be safe for viewing at work :-0

Since we are on the subject of Logan Paul and Rolex, Logan's brother Jake (not me ;-) is also a top vlogger. Jake has had over 4 billion video views to date, which is also remarkable. Yesterday, Jake gave his mother her first Rolex watch, which you can view in the video below that already has close to 2.5 million views. Jake's vlogging style is very similar to his older brother Logan, and once again, this video may not be safe for viewing at work.

It's interesting, at the end of this video Jake and his mother do the Ayo & Teo "ROLEX" Dance