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Rolex Crown Logo History

Rolex Crown History

The famous Rolex Crown Logo, Also Known as The Rolex Coronet is one of the coolest and most recognizable iconic logos in the world. Ever wonder where it came from and what it stands for? Put very simply, the Rolex crown is highly regal while remaining equally simple, elegant, and timeless. Rolex's founder, Hans Wilddorf, was absolutely fascinated with Royalty, and all things elegant. Despite the fact he experimented like crazy with many different brand names, the one that completely defied and transcended obsolescence was the ROLEX name mark and brand.

Despite the fact Hans Wilsdorf launched the Rolex brand in 1906, it took him two decades to personify it with the Rolex crown logo that incorporates their five-point art-deco Rolex Crown logo, which was introduced in 1925, which was one year before the introduction of the Rolex Oyster. The Rolex log pictured above is from 1942, and notice the ROLEX word mark uses a simplified sans serif typeface.

The earliest versions of the Rolex Coronet logo were somewhat similar to the modern version, yet radically different in that it featured five fingers that were of equal length, as apposed to the more modern versions that are more handlike with the center finder being the longest.

The 1978 Rolex Magazine ad image pictured below of the five fingers with a watch on the wrist offers an fascinating genesis clue from the Rolex Awards for Enterprise.

If you compare the Rolex logo below from 1963 to the current Rolex logo which is pictured below it, it's amazing how little it has changed in 61 years! In the future, I plan to add many more dated images to this story, as well as a chronological evolution of the crown. In the meantime enjoy all these great Rolex Crown images...

The Rolex Crown logo seen above was first used in 1947, although the "ROLEX" text part of the logo used a different serif typeface.

Rolex Day-Date
Blue Lapis Lazuli Dial
[Reference 18238]

On the back of a Milgauss

[Rolex Reference 116520]

Rolex Coronets 

The applied 3-D Rolex Coronet logo is found on the dial of many Rolex Models, including the Rolex Day-Date as well as the Rolex Daytona. The photo below shows several of them on a table before they have been applied to a Rolex dial. In my opinion, the Rolex Coronet is one of the coolest and most iconic logos in the world. Many people say the Rolex Coronet is a crown, while others believe the logo symbolizes a watch on a hand. 

Rolex Crown Logo Collage

@Stockegsix from Instagram created this AMAZING Rolex Crown collage comprised of six Rolex models and I almost fell out of my chair when I first saw it!?!! I have to say in my opinion this is one of the coolest looking Rolex Studio Shots I have ever seen!!! Just AMAZING!!!!