Saturday, March 24, 2018

Basel World 2018 Introduction...RAINBOW Daytona...

Basel World 2018 Introduction



Everose Reference 116595 RBOW 

Back in 2013, when Rolex invited me to tour all four of their production facilities located in Switzerland, I was super excited! I really had no idea what to expect. One of the most memorable moments was when I toured the Rolex Gem-setting department. I was completely blown away with what I saw. In particular, I remember there were gem setters sitting at tables with microscopes connected to large screen TV's so you could watch the master Rolex gem setters working, and it blew my mind.

One detail that really stood out, was when the Rolex representative handed me a bejeweled Rainbow Daytona bezel to examine! They placed it in my hand and I could not believe how beautiful it was. I joked with my fellow bloggers by gesturing like I was putting it in my mouth to eat it, saying something like "It looks so delicious!" When you see these bejeweled Rolex watches in person they are stunningly beautiful, and to see them being made in person was incredible!

One of the key features that differentiates this new Everose Rainbow model from the last generation version is this one has color coordinated baguette 5 minute markers, which gives it even more of a rainbow vibe. Rainbows have always been popular in fashion, and particularly in the late 1970s, like Mork from Ork wearing his rainbow suspenders...Shazbot, Nanoo—Nanoo!!! All kidding aside, this is a magnificent masterpiece from Rolex...

Rolex is a company that constantly pushes the envelope, and they have done so with this next generation Rainbow Daytona. I could not help but notice that people get really polarized over these watches. Some people love them, some people hate them, and some people are ambivalent about them. This watch retails for over $100,000, but it is almost impossible to find them at retail. From what I have heard, they sell for close to double that today since they are so rare.

The reality is that it takes a special kind of person who can pull wearing these bejeweled Rolex watches as we seen in the photo below of the gorgeous Russian model, Victoria Lopyreva, who is wearing a bejeweled GMT in the photo below. Victoria also owns and wears a Rainbow Daytona.

Speaking of special people, in the photo below we see legendary actor, Sylvester Stallone rockin' a bejeweled GMT-Master, which looks really cool.

So in getting back to the Rainbow Daytona, when we look at it up close, from the side view, you notice that the lugs and crown guard structures are covered with 56 brilliant-cut diamonds. Also, I believe that on the rainbow bezel, there is one ruby at 12 O'Clock and the rest of the stones are sapphires. 

Rolex also developed a special process for the chronograph counter sundials:

"The chronograph counters are in pink Gold Crystals, a material with a particular shimmer effect, created during the crystallization of a pink gold alloy by means of a special process developed by Rolex."

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