Thursday, March 29, 2018

Out To Lunch @ Tiffany's

Out To Lunch @ Tiffany's 

Compares Rolex to Tiffany & Company

Rolex Retains #1 Position with Reputation Institute

This is an interesting story. Actually, it's really three stories in one. It begins with a fascinating story by titled "Tiffany Fails Where Rolex Wins.This story tied-in their findings with the Reputation Institutes #1 ranking for Rolex, for the third year running. In other words, Rolex is again ranked number one in reputation throughout the world, which is the second story.

Rolex is on a roll today as one of the top brands in the world. As a matter of fact, most Rolex sports watches in stainless steel are so popular today they are almost impossible to find at retail. 


Some of the key takeaway points from the article that compare Tiffany unfavorably to Rolex point out:

     • Rolex, by contrast, has successfully evolved into the digital world. “Rolex has successfully built a narrative outside the Rolex brand experience. It has transcended in its innovative use of the digital landscape and used digital assets to expand and enhance its story.

     • Whereas it used to be more aloof, opaque and secretive, today Rolex has inculcated a culture of greater openness and transparency, which has paid dividends in the quality of people it attracts.

     • Rolex’ bigger story is about redefining winning. To illustrate that, Rolex works with tennis champ Roger Federer as a role model for underprivileged kids to help them define winning in their own terms. “It is less about Federer as celebrity and more about how he gives back to the community as a spokesperson for Rolex.

     • Rolex, by comparison, has elegantly maintained its prestige at the same time achieved status as a good global citizen being both honest and altruistic. “Rolex has done an incredible job of telling its brand story, staying relevant, aligning with the changing world of the 21st century and truly building a brand experience that transcends the analog into the digital world.”

Below is a fascinating infographic from the Reputation Institute that show the top 100 companies for 2018, and we see Rolex is in the Number 1 position. 

Speaking of Rolex and Tiffany...this brings us to the thirds story here, which is that Tiffany & Company used to sell Rolex watches, and they would screen print the "TIFFANY & CO" logo on the dial as seen on the vintage Pepsi GMT-Master below. For some reason Tiffany stopped selling Rolex watches, and I think that was a mistake. Speaking of Tiffany & Company Rolex watches, I wrote a fascinating story on this subject back in 2010 I highly recommend checking out!

The story really kind of bashes Tiffany & Company, by comparing it to Rolex, although it makes some really good points. I think Tiffany & Company should bring back their super iconic Art-Nouveau table lamps, and sell them in their stores. Tiffany and Company lamps were so cool!

First Known Tiffany & CO. Rolex Submariner Ad

The Elusive Big-Crown 
James Bond Submariner
[Reference 5510]

I think this Tiffany & CO., Ad is from 1960 and it is the earliest one I have ever seen that showcases a Rolex Submariner. Very Cool!!! The Reference 5508 Submariner was rated to 100 meters, and the 5510 was the first to be rated to 200 meters.


Breakfast At Tiffany's
Ladies Rolex Catalog 

Speaking of Rolex and Tiffany's, the following Rolex image comes from a 1962 Rolex catalog, and if you read the poetry, it is just amazing!!! It is so DIFFERENT than the Rolex of interesting...

My best guess is this theme was inspired by the Audrey Hepburn's character she played in the 1961 movie titled, "Breakfast At Tiffany's."

This next image shows a ladies yellow gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual with a Tiffany Blue dial that has the Tiffany & Co. dial designation, which is very cool...

I was going through my archive of saved images, and I found this image of a vintage yellow gold Tiffany & Co. Rolex Datejust, which is awesome!!!