Sunday, May 10, 2020

A Single Red Submariner LOVE STORY...

A Single Red Submariner


Some of my favorite stories are from readers of Jake's Rolex World who write in to share their fascinating Rolex stories. Frank wrote in recently to share his story about his loyal and dependable lifetime companion of 45 years which is a magnificent Single Red Submariner.


Great magazine. Just read your article on Dr. Miller and his RedSub. Like the good doctor, I wear my Rolex Red Submariner all the time. I bought it used for $700 in 1975 to celebrate my self funded MBA. 

My career in technology research brought me to hundreds of places around the world and like Maurice, I found it to be a great conversation starter. Technology people consider it to be the ultimate symbol of mechanical engineering.

In 1990, my late wife bought me a very nice Cartier tank watch. I think it’s very pretty but it stays in the little red box. The RedSub is MY watch. My wife once told me she loved my RedSub and it was the only sport watch you could wear with a tuxedo.

When I acquired my RedSub, I didn't know what a RedSub was. I just wanted a Rolex Submariner. I had been a submariner in the U.S. Navy and saw many of them among the officers and crew of the boats I served on. 

When I was in the Navy, I was a reactor operator on nuclear submarines. I was saving to go to college and couldn't afford the price of a Rolex. After scrimping through the Navy and college, I knew I wanted two "things" a Rolex Submariner watch and a Mercedes SL sports car. The Rolex came first (1975) and the Mercedes came in 1983 (1983 380SL). Since then, I have had six Mercedes, but only one Rolex. They last forever. 

After starting in Nuclear Engineering, I got my bachelor's in Finance and Information Systems and an MBA. After that, I pursued a career in information technology in the financial services industry. I wore the RedSub every day, but it didn't get much attention until I rose to be a Senior Vice President at Anthem (insurance) and later MasterCard. 

It seems more people at that level understood what it was. In 1995, I founded the global financial services research and advisory organization for Gartner Group Inc., the global leader in information technology research and advisory services. My Job included advising the CEOs and board members of financial institutions worldwide and that's when the Rolex really became a conversation piece. 

As you know in many European cultures it's traditional to have coffee before talking business. Often, my client's eyes would grow to the size of silver dollars and they would ask, "Is that a real Rolex Red Submariner?" 

All in all, my watch was a reliable and accurate timepiece, but most of all a conversation starter. 

Keep up the good work with your great magazine.

Frank Schlier

I would like to thank Frank for sharing his AMAZING story about his Single Red Submariner which was superb!!!!! You can learn much more about the history of the Single Red Submariner by checking out my 20 Part series titled

 "The Complete History of The Rolex Submariner & SEA-DWELLER: Rolex's Conquest of The Ocean."