Monday, June 15, 2020

Phillips Auction House 1987 Triple Date Moonphase Auction

Phillips Auction House

1987 Triple Date Moonphase Auction

Gustavo @RolexTudorPlanet sent in this wonderful sent of images from the Phillips New York Auction house from April 7, 1987.

Gustavo wrote:

Dear Jake,

I’m sending you some pictures of a Phillips auction catalogue from 1987 depicting a very beautiful Rolex Moonphase “Padellone” ref 8171 that you may want to use in your great Moonphase post. 

I like better the Ref 6202 Oyster version, however 8171s are harder to find in vintage literature. Here one in gorgeous condition featuring a gold and ebony wood bracelet, hardly seen!

Also on the back cover there is a Ref 6202 Stelline with a redone dial, which shows how little attention was put into this detail back then. 

The 8171 carried an estimate of 10,000-12,000 USD and the 6202 9,000-11,000 USD.



I love examining these old Rolex auctions which are often times shocking as to how much lower the prices were back then. Can you imagine paying only $10K for a triple date Rolex moon-phase? I just added these new images to my story named, "The Complete History of the Rolex Moonphase."