Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Don Headley's beloved Rolex Oyster Sank 78 Years ago on his wrist and he still wears it today!!!

...Rolex Three-Quarter of a Century Wearer Club...

Don Headley

82 Years ago, in 1941 his parents have him a Rolex Oyster

And he still enjoys his "priceless" companion today!!!

In a world filled with contention, polarization and challenges, we can take a break and enjoy a heartwarming feel-good story to warm and sooth your soul :-) British World War II Veteran, Don Headley shares his fascinating story about his experience aboard the HMS Bedouin 15th of June 1942:

"This was the (Rolex) watch I was wearing when the HMS Bedouin was sunk on the 15th of June, 1942 and now 78 years later it is still in working order."

Don Headley may be the record holder for the longest time wearing Rolex, which I previously thought belonged to Chuck Yeager. Don tells the touching story about how his loving parents gave the Rolex Oyster watch to him to commemorate his 21st birthday in 1941 (79 years ago) and he has been wearing and depending on it for more than three quarters of a century!!! 

That would definitely exceed King Harald of Norway wearing the same Rolex GMT-Master for over a half-century as well as golf legend, Jack Nicklaus rocking the same Rolex for a half-century

The case back features an engraving that reads:

J.T. Headley

30 Oct. 1941



Don mentioned he was somehow able to keep his Rolex while being a prisoner of war for 3 years thought the remainder of World War II.

In the video below Don tells the fascinating story of how he was a crew member aboard the HMS Bedouin Destroyer during World War II and his ship was escorting ships from Gibraltar to Malta, when an Italian arial torpedo sunk the Bedouin.

The HMS Bedouin Destroyer which Don Headley was aboard is pictured below.