Tuesday, November 16, 2021

SailGP: Making Major Advances at All Levels


Making Major Advances at All Levels

In its second season, SailGP continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in yachting. This global championship, in which national teams race identical foiling catamarans at speeds exceeding 50 knots, is making further major advances in technology and innovation, sustainability and environmental awareness, as well as inclusivity. 

A 29-metre wing sail has been introduced to ensure intensive racing in even the lightest conditions, data analysts are playing a key role in improving boat speed, robotic buoys enable resource-efficient, environmentally friendly course settings, while influential female athletes are making their mark as valued team members. Above all, the season is showcasing human achievement as team leaders such as British sailing legend Sir Ben Ainslie and fellow luminaries share their skill and knowledge in the pursuit of perpetual excellence. 

Sir Ben Ainslie

 Rolex Prototype 

Hiding in Plain Sight

The fresh new Rolex SailGP video above features worlds best sailer Sir Ben Ainslie who our Captain Danny discovered wearing a Titanium Rolex Yacht-Master which is pictured below. This discovery caused a great deal of interest and speculation begging the question if Rolex will bring this really cool watch to life?

Yacht-Master 42 in Titanium