Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Francesco Sauro: Underworld Explorer

Francesco Sauro

Underworld Explorer

Over the past two decades I have published some really cool stories about 
spelunking. Spelunking, if you are not familiar with the term is the study of cave systems. Back in 2010 I published a story about Dr. Arthur Miller who is a famous underwater cave explorer, archaeologist, historian and artist. Also, I wrote extensively back in 2015 about Jean-François Pernette who who is one of the worlds leading cave explorers and was the 1998 Rolex Laureate Winner in the Rolex Awards for Enterprise. I covered his then four decade love affair with his Orange Hand Rolex Explorer II, which he has now been wearing for five decades, which brings us to this fascinating new video Rolex recently introduced, which I highly recommend watching.

Italian speleologist and scientist Francesco Sauro has pursued a lifelong mission of discovery in the Earth’s mysterious underworld. From uncovering the hidden realm of the isolated tepuis table-top mountains in South America and advancing the scientific findings, for which he received a 2014 Rolex Award for Enterprise, to, most recently, exploring the caves of the Atlantic’s Selvagens archipelago, he is providing an archive of time for future generations that shows how life evolved, minerals formed and climate has changed. Determined to reveal the wonders of Earth’s inner space through his many expeditions, Sauro is helping to ensure a Perpetual Planet.

For some reason this video and story remind me of this famous 1964 Rolex Explorer AD titled "On Top Of The Matterhorn.":