Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Left Handed Rolex GMT-Master Sprite

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Left Handed GMT-Master

The Last Bastion of Male Peacockery

Rolex just threw the watch world a serious unexpected curveball that appeared from out of nowhere with introduction of the left-handed GMT-Sprite!!!! It's rumored CEO of Rolex, Jean-Frederic Dufour is left-handed, and I also heard he has been taking a very active role in Rolex model design.

This model is not without precedent as Rolex made a Reference 6542 GMT-Master back in 1959 as we see in the photo below which appears courtesy of Phillips Auction house. To my way of thinking, the left hand side crown reminds me of driving a Jaguar in London, despite the fact I have never been to London...and for some strange reason, the 1982 Reggae song from Musical Youth, "Pass the Dutchie" keeps playing in my head!?!! 

Pass the Dutchie 'pon the left hand side

Pass the Dutchie 'pon the left hand side

It a go bun (give me the music, make me jump and prance)

It a go dung, ya know? (Give me the music, make me rockin' at the dance)

You know I can't help buy psychoanalyze everything Rolex to the nth degree, and I have to say when I first saw the Sprite GMT, I was like "What did I just see?" It kind of bends your mind, like an M.C. Esher drawing.

I believe this watch is going to be a huge hit, for people who want to set themselves apart from everybody else.

If you think about it, most people today wear smart watches like an Apple Watch. People who wear Rolex do so because they want to be different. They want to be old school practical. They want to stand out in and over-the-top kind of way and be bold and unusual. I don't think many left-handed people will wear it. I think right handed people will wear in on their left wrist, just to be even more different in a Salvador Dali/Picasso kind of way...and I think they will also wear it on their right wrist as well...

The Sprite GMT is Miles Davis playing with his back to the audience, and they love him for it...