Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Watches And Wonders Platinum Flute Bezel on Day-Date


Watches And Wonders 

Platinum Flute Bezel

on Day-Date

Rolex really surprised me with the introduction of the platinum Day-Date with a fluted Platinum bezel. The Rolex Day-Date is commonly referred to as The Rolex President. This came as a big surprise because in the past Rolex ONLY ever made the platinum with a flat/plain bezel. My understanding is that in the past Rolex was not able to figure out how to shape Platinum with the fluting, but finally had a breakthrough. Just for clarity sake, Rolex historically made white gold Day-Date models with a fluted bezel, which is how in the past you could differentiate the difference between a Platinum and White Gold Day-Date. 

This makes me wonder if Rolex will discontinue the white gold Day-Date in the future? I have to say the new Platinum Day-Date with the fluted bezel and ice blue dial with raised platinum san serif Roman numerals takes my breath way!!!! This is a Super Tight looking Rolex!!!! 

It's funny how when I see some new Rolex novelty watches songs start playing in my head, and this one elicits the song Tighten Up, by Archie Bell & The Drells!!!!