Friday, March 01, 2024

New Release 2022: Day-Date 40 With Green Matte Dial

The Color of Money

Rolex Day-Date

With Green Lacquered Dial


Among the new models touted at Watches and Wonders in 2022, a few escaped the press releases though they had never been in the Rolex catalog before. And they deserve a mention. Check out Jake's story, for example, on his favorite release of 2022, a release that flew under the radar: The Datejust 41 blue fluted motif dial.

The Rolex that caught my eye was the new 40mm Day-Date in yellow gold⁠ with a lacquered green dial and gold Roman numerals which also escaped media coverage. I find the watch just absolutely beautiful. Long-time watch aficionado Kristian Haagen was able to try one on. This was a new 2022 model.

Photo Credit: Kristian Haagen

The yellow gold combined with this green dial reminds me a lot of the discontinued yellow-gold GMT-Master II

I find this new Day-Date beautiful; it's pure class and surely deserves to be highlighted.

Photo Credit: @Watchesbykell