Monday, April 04, 2022

Rolex GMT Sprite Comes to Life

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By Danny Crivello

I found this picture in the archive of Jake's Rolex World. The post is dated May 30, 2008, when the watch internet was barely waking up! Jake titled it "Photoshop Fun: Rolex GMT II-Ceramic Sprite." Nice Photoshop rendition that could have inspired Rolex! (A month later Jake would report the sighting of a real left-handed Rolex.) 

Rolex released a black-and-green GMT last week with the crown on the left

Jake's Take

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme"

—Mark Twain

I wasn't expecting Danny to post this story, but I thought it would be great to offer some additional context. Back in the early days of Jake's Rolex World I went a little crazy with a series of posts named "Photoshop Fun" where I posted images that I created as well as readers images that showcased some interesting dream Rolex concept watch ideas. This was inspired by the LV Submariner that shocked the Rolex collectors world by offering a Submariner with a green bezel. The most interesting detail about my 2008 post was the nickname of calling the black and green color combination the "Sprite".

Hopefully in the future Rolex will continue to expand its color options as different colors are almost like color therapy. I will point out that the 2008 "Sprite" is NOT the only Rolex that came to life, but so did my idea to create a Submariner with an all blue bezel insert. I would still love to see a white dial GMT-Master or Explorer with a black spinning bezel, which I dubbed the "Oreo Cookie" fourteen years ago, back in 2008!!!