Monday, October 09, 2023

1942 Rolex Error Proof Dial Poster


1942 Rolex Error Proof Dial Poster

I LOVE this magnificent Rolex Art-Deco poster from 1942 which features their Error-Proof dial. I wrote an article years ago that featured this poster and it was titled, "California Dreaming: The Complete History of the California Dial." 

I was chatting with Nick Gould about this really cool Rolex poster and he profoundly observed: 

"Funny you should post about the error proof dial recently. The Mercedes hour hand debuted with the dial in the 40s and is one of the Crowns oldest designs still in use today Over 80 years! Got resurrected for the Rolex Explorer, Submariner, GMT-Master And Turn-O-Graph"

Then Nick eruditely shared the following image with me and pointed out: 

"Rolex did a diamond shaped hour hand in the 40s but for the shortest of times." Nick shared this fascinating vintage Rolex ad from 1948 which appeared in The Indian Listener, which shows a Rolex model with the diamond hand:

Nick shared the image below and said, "I've only seen one watch with the diamond hour hand, which was more like a wand, technically..."