Friday, December 02, 2022

Rolex Pre-Owned Program Details






Rolex's announcement of its new program has generated a great deal of excitement, buzz and questions. Below is a list of popular questions and answers that offer insight into the details of the program:

Will my authorized dealer be required to carry pre-owned Rolex watches? 

No. The program is completely optional and many ADs will choose to not set up a pre-owned option. 

Who sets the price, Rolex or my authorized dealer? 

The authorized dealer sets the price. Rolex has no influence on the price. 

Will I see vintage Paul Newman Daytonas for sale at my authorized dealer? 

All watches, including vintage watches, can be considered for the program as long as they are three years old. There is no age limit.

Will I see a Batman on Jubilee for sale which is still in production?  

Yes. The new Rolex Batman came out in March of 2019. The specific watch for sale as part of the Rolex CPO program would have to be at least three years old. 

Can my authorized dealer set up an e-commerce to sell watches online?

Yes. For the first time ever, Rolex-certified watches will be allowed to be sold online by an authorized dealer. But the authorized dealer will not be allowed to sell them on a e-marketplace like eBay or Chrono24. The Rolex watches can only be listed on the dealer's website. Inside the store, the pre-owned watches have to be displayed in a case separately from the new watches.

Can I send my watch to a Rolex Service Center and request a certified pre-owned tag and card? 

No. An authorized dealer has to acquire the watch and have full ownership of the watch first. Meaning, the dealer has to purchase the watch before sending it for authentication and certification; there is no consignment allowed. The authorized dealer has three options: he or she can send it to Rolex in Geneva, a Rolex Service Center or use an in-house Rolex certified watchmaker. 

Is the watch getting a full service before being sold?

Not necessarily. The watch will get a full service, including a polish, only if the condition warrants.

What if I've changed the configuration of my watch?

The watch will not be accepted if the configuration of the watch doesn't match the serial number or warranty papers. Watches that are less than 20 years will have to be all original.