Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Friedrich Gulda's Tangerine Dream Day-Date...

...One Of The Greatest Pianist That Ever Lived...

Friedrich Gulda's
Tangerine Dream Day-Date

This watch was owned by Friedrich Gulda, the Austrian Classical and Jazz musician. Friedrich Gulda is considered to be one of the best pianist of the 20th Century and he was unconventional in many ways. He was born in Austria in 1930 and passed away in 2000.

I have said in the past I believe many Rolex watches are high art, and this Tangerine Dream is no exception. It is so unusual and it reminds me of tangerines and a burst of sunshine. I think it is fascinating.

I would like to thank Stefano Mazzariol for sending is these magnificent photos of his stunning historical watch that once belonged to Friedrich Gulda. Stefano Mazzariol is from Italy and he publishes a superb Rolex Blog which you can visit by clicking here.

Light My Fire

Friedrich Gulda was one of the best pianist that ever lived and in this first video, he plays, Light My Fire (By The Doors) which was one of his favorite songs. Notice he is wearing his yellow gold Rolex Tangerine-Dream Day-Date. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a video you can watch of Friedrich Gulda playing live with Herbie Hancock and in the video you can see him wearing his Tangerine Day-Date. This is just amazing!!!!!

This last video was shot back in 1964, and showcases Gulda's amazing classical piano abilities, as he plays Bach.

Here is another performance on Beethoven's Piano Concerto No 5, with Gulda sporting his Rolex. It is amazing how talented he was!!!!!!!


James P said...

That's quite a color!

Interesting that the dial bears the "T" designation - I don't see any luminous material on the dial or the hands. What do you make of it?

Jake Ehrlich said...

Hi James,

Interesting point. I did not even notice that. I assume they just put on the two T's either way.