Monday, July 11, 2016

Sir David Attenborough: An Amazing Rolex Explorer

...Rolex Super-Coolness...

Sir David Attenborough

An Amazing Rolex Explorer

Sir David Attenborough is one of the most famous naturalist in history. As an amazing explorer, he has always reminded me of Jaques-Yves Cousteau. Sir David Attenborough has been a Wildlife film-maker his entire professional career, which has spanned seven decades. Perhaps his most famous recent film series is titled Planet Earth.

The first three images of him were taken from a TV series in 1963, and he is wearing an early Rolex Explorer.

I have not been able to make a positive ID on the exact model Rolex Explorer he is wearing in the pictures above, but I believe is has a gilt dial, and likely would be a model like the one shown below.

In the BBC Video Adventure below from 1963 you can see Sir David Attenborough driving his Land Rover wearing his Rolex Explorer, as he travels through Northern Australia!!!

In this next image it appears he is wearing some kind of Rolex Oyster Perpetual on a Jubilee bracelet.

Yesterday, The White House released this video of President Obama interviewing Sir David Attenborough. Today Sir David Attenborough is 90 years young, and still going full-speed ahead!!!

BBC Planet Earth Series

Amazing BBC Documentary Series

Sir David Attenborough is perhaps best know for his narration of the INCREDIBLE BBC Series titled Planet Earth. I included several episodes below for your viewing enjoyment. In my opinion The Planet Earth BBC Series in perhaps the greatest Wildlife/Earth Documentary Series in history.

In the United Kingdom, Sir David Attenborough is considered to be a national treasure, and he is pictured below with Queen Elizabeth. 

In the video below we see Sir David Attenborough giving a speech with follow-up with the Queen's husband, The Duke Of Edinburgh.