Friday, November 23, 2012

Another Elvis Presley Rolex...

...The King Of Rock and Roll...

Elvis Presley's 
Rolex Day-Date Surfaces
[Reference 1803]

On December 8, 2008, I originally published this story about Elvis Presley's Rolex Day-Date, and at the time, I published an image of the engraving of the back which said:

"Elvis. Merry Christmas. Your Pal. Col. Tom Parker."

It turns out that Elvis Presley's Rolex Day-Date surfaced on November 23, and is was offered by the Christie's Auction House, and here is a photo of the watch. According to Christie's, Elvis Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker gave the Rolex to Elvis as a Christmas gift in 1976.

The photo below is an exclusive photo of the hand-engraved back of Elvis Presley's Rolex Day-Date.

The following document was provided by Christie's Auction house as part of the provenance for the Elvis Presley watch, but on the day before the auction, Christie's withdrew the watch for unknown reasons.

Elvis Presley's Rolex King Midas

Elvis Presley's Rolex King Midas is pictured below with his glasses and some of his other personal effects which Graceland exclusively photographed for Jake's Rolex Watch Blog. To learn more about Elvis' Rolex King Midas, please click here.