Friday, May 21, 2021

Alan Arkin: The Kominski Method—Rolex Explorer

2 Time Academy Award Winner for Best Actor

Alan Arkin

The Kominski Method

Rolex Explorer 

I have a confession to make: My absolute favorite way to watch a Movie or TV show is cold. Specifically, I like to watch new content without knowing anything whatsoever about what I am about to watch, and that is what occurred when I began watching The Kominsky Method which stars Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. The show just blew my mind, and it is kind of like a combination of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Thelma & Louise. Of course, I could not help but notice Alan Arkin rocks a vintage Rolex Explorer on the show as we seen on his wrist in the photo below.

Alan Arkin costars with Michael Douglas who is amazing in the Kominsky Method. Whenever I think of Michael Douglas I think of his portrayal of Gordon Gekko in Wall Street, but after a few episodes of Kominsky I seem to have forgotten about that. Both Arkin and Douglas are AMAZING in The Kominsky Method.

In Season 2 of the Kominsky Method Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award winner Jane Seymour joins the cast of and plays Alan Arkin's girlfriend. Jane Seymour famously played beside Roger Moore in his debut movie as James Bond named "Live & Let Die" as seen in the photo below.

Alan Arkin is arguably one of the greatest actors in history. In his amazing career that has spanned 7 decades he has won 2 Academy Awards for Best Actor in The Russians Are Coming [1969] & The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter [1969]. He also won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in Little Miss Sunshine [2007], and Argo [2013]. 

I remember first watching 'The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter' movie in Film Literature class at George Washington High School in San Francisco in 10th grade, which was a really trippy movie. All I really remember is the character who was like Baby Huey who thew a rock through the bakery window to steal the cake on display as he could not resist it :-0

Spoiler Alert: Alan Arkin will not be reprising his role in Season three which debuts on Netflix next week, which is a bummer as he was so great in Season One and Two as we see in this trailer for Season 3: