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Grace Kelly Rolex Lady Date in Yellow Gold

...Rolex Super Beauty...

Grace Kelly


Timeless Elegant Beauty
26MM Yellow Gold Rolex Lady Date

Who is the most beautiful and elegant woman that ever lived? Some might say, Sophia Loren, while others might say Princess Grace is arguably the most beautiful and elegant woman that ever lived. One thing both beauties shared is their taste in the finer things in life, including both wearing Yellow Gold 26MM Rolex Lady Date watches.

In the photo below, we see Princess Grace of Monaco wearing her yellow gold Rolex Lady Date in 1972. 

The photo above and below were taken at a swimming competition in Palm Beach, Monte Carlo in 1972. Princess Grace is extremely chic and stylish, and she is wearing a Pucci beach dress. Princess Grace is pictured below while attending a swimming commotion, and she is sitting next to her husband, Prince Rainier, and her their children, Prince Albert, Princess Caroline, and Princess Stéphanie are sitting below them. If you look closely you can see Princess Caroline is also wearing her two-tone Rolex ladies Datejust.

In the two photos below taken in 1978 in New Jersey, we see Princess Grace with her daughter, Princess Caroline, who also wears Rolex watches. It is not so easy to see, but in the photo below we see Princess Grace wearing her Rolex Lady Date.

In the next photo below, also taken in July of 1978 in New Jersey, we see Princess Caroline with her husband, Philippe Junot, and in this photo, we get a good shot of his two-tone Rolex Datejust.

Princess Grace is pictured below with Princess Caroline in 1973, and they are both wearing Rolex watches.

Princess Caroline is pictured below on the cover of People Magazine in 1978, and she is wearing her two tone Lady-Date Rolex.

Princess Grace is pictured below wearing her yellow gold Rolex Lady-Date.

This next photo shows Princess Grace at home working on an art project collage, and we see her ladies Rolex President bracelet on her wrist.

An Amazing Acting Career

Academy Award Winning Career

To Catch A Thief


Grace Kelly was one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood in the 1950s, and one of her most famous roles was in A Catch To Thief, where she starred beside Cary Grant.



Grace Kelly is pictured below with Clark Gable who she co-starred with in the 1953 movie named Mogambo. As we can see in the press photo below of Grace Kelly with Clark Gable which was a press photo from Magambo, Clark Gable is wearing his Rolex Oyster Perpetual.

Rear Window

Grace Kelly is pictured below with Jimmy Stewart in the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock film named Rear Window.

Grace Kelly Documentary