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The Complete History Of The Paul Newman Daytona [Part 2 of 8]

The Complete History Of The Paul Newman Daytona
[Part 2 of 8]

The Paul Newman Daytona [Black Dial]

Paul Newman Daytona #2
Black Dial with silvered sub dials
[Rolex Reference 6263: 37mm Manual Wind]

This next Paul Newman Rolex Oyster is fascinating for many reasons. In an interview with Paul Newman, Rolex historian, John Brozek asked Paul Newman where and when he got his first Rolex Daytona? Paul Newman said that his first Daytona, as pictured below, was given to him as a gift by his wife, Joanne Woodard in 1972, which was the year he started his professional racing career.

The stainless steel Rolex Daytona [Reference 6263] with the black dial and black bezel insert that Paul Newman is wearing in the above photo as well as the photos below would look just like this one. Notice, that this watch has screw-down protectors on the two chronometer buttons, unlike the 6241 with the white dial that we already examined. For clarity sake, the photo below is NOT of Paul Newman's watch. I just want to give you a visual frame-of-reference.

This black dial Daytona also has a black acrylic bezel insert and it is worth pointing out the black dial on this Rolex Daytona 6263 is not an exotic dial. The only reason I bring this up is due to the fact that often times in photos, like the one above, the high acrylic crystal makes it look like there is an outer white dial, which is simply an optical illusion.

For many years Paul Newman also wore his black dial Rolex Daytona [Reference 6263] on a Fatstrap as seen in the two photos above and the one below.

As Paul Newman got older, he stopped wearing his Rolex Daytona on a Fatstrap and started wearing it on a Rolex Oyster bracelet and even wore it on a Jublilee bracelet.

The Rolex Oyster bracelet Paul Newman wore on his vintage Rolex Daytona was retrofitted with a brand new Rolex Oyster bracelet which was sturdier and perhaps more comfortable than the original. It would have also had a triple-lock clasp which the original would not have.

Paul Newman had as interesting and kind of strange habit with the way he always wore his Rolex Daytona watches. He would wear them with the two chronograph pusher buttons unscrewed as you can see in the photos above. This could have been due to the fact that his white dialed Daytona (featured before this one) lacked screw-down pusher locks and he liked it that way.

Supposedly a Rolex Daytona will still stay water resistant without the screw-down pusher locks screwed down. As I understand it, even a Rolex Submariner will remain waterproof without the crown being screwed down. This is due to the fact there are water-tight gaskets in place that stop water from entering the case. Don't try this at home, and neither will I =)

Paul Newman is pictured below with Formula 1 racing legend, Nigel Mansell.

Paul Newman clearly suffered from RISitus as we can tell in the photo below that shows him wearing his Rolex Daytona Reference 6263 on a Jubilee bracelet. This is the same watch as in the photos above but he swapped out the Rolex Oyster bracelet for a Rolex Jubilee bracelet.

Accepting An Academy Award On The Set Of The Color Of Money

This first image below was taken on March 24, 1986 and shows Paul Newman accepting an Honorary Oscar via Satellite on the set of The Color Of Money. Notice Paul Newman is wearing one of his trademark Paul Newman Rolex Daytona watches on a FatStrap.  Ironically, Paul Newman would go on to win another Academy Award for Best Actor later that year, for his role in The Color Of Money!!!

This next image taken on the set of The Color Of Money, show Paul Newman with his co-star, Tom Cruise. Notice Paul Newman is sporting his same black dial Rolex Daytona on a FatStrap. What makes these two images interesting is that Paul Newman wore a stainless steel Rolex Datejust in the movie, but you see that when he was not acting he was wearing his trademark Paul Newman Daytona. 

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