Wednesday, September 11, 2002

The Complete History Of The Paul Newman Daytona [Part 8 of 8]

The Complete History Of The Paul Newman Daytona
[Part 8 of 8]

Saint Paul

Paul Newman is known throughout the world as an extremely successful, talented, Academy Award winning actor that was really handsome and charismatic–and he was all that and as we will see–much, much more.

But this story is not about Rolex, or how blue Paul Newman's eyes were. It is also not about how wealthy he was, or what kind of car he drove. It is about his incredible contributions to mankind, and in particular, to sick children.

It all began in 1985 when he decided to create his own salad dressing named Newman's Own. Newman's Own was a runaway hit and Paul and his wife Joanne decided to donate all the proceeds to charity.

The Hole-In-The-Wall Gang Camp

In the 1980s Paul Newman got an idea to start a camp for critically sick children. He came up the name Hole-In-The-Wall-Gang from starring in the major motion picture, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid with costarred Robert Redford. Bustch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were members of the Hole-In-The-Wall-Gang, and Paul Newman said the name just stuck with him.

Today there are 9 Hole-In-The-Wall Gang Camps internationally located in countries like the U.S., France, Italy, Hungary, Ireland, England, Israel as well as in Africa and Asia.

Over the years, Paul Newman spent a lot of time at his Hole-In-The-Wall Camps playing with extremely ill children. Somebody once asked Paul Newman how he came up with the idea and in his self-deprecating way he responded:

"I wish I could recall with clarity the impulse that compelled me to help bring this camp into being. I'd be pleased if I could announce a motive of lofty purpose. I've been accused of compassion, of altruism, of devotion to Christian, Hebrew, and Moslem ethic, but however desperate I am to claim ownership of a high ideal, I cannot. I wanted, I think, to acknowledge Luck; the chance of it, the benevolence of it in my life, and the brutality of it in the lives of others, made especially savage for children because they may not be allowed the good fortune of a lifetime to correct it."

The Hole-In-The-Wall Gang Camp goes on to say "Children whose lives are interrupted by illness are able to put their worries aside and enjoy a carefree camp experience thanks to Paul's tireless efforts and boundless enthusiasm."

Since its inception, the Hole-In-The-Wall Gang Camp has touched more than 135,000 children around the world.

Today, Paul Newman's wife, Joanne Woodward is on the Board of Advisors and one of his daughters is involved as well.

To help fund the camps, Paul Neman and his wife, Joanne started "Newman's Own" brand of foods. Before Paul Newman died, he donated his entire share to the organization that was worth over $250 Million.

Perhaps the truest measure of a person's success in life is whether they leave the world having made it a better place than when they came into it. In Paul Newman's case, it would be an understatement to say he was successful. He was ultra-successful. If one person is better able to rest their head on their pillow when they sleep because of actions you have taken, you are a true success. Hopefully Paul Newman's legacy will inspire people in the collectable Rolex community to reach out to help people less fortunate than themselves.

To make a donation to The-Hole-In-The-Wall Camps or to just learn more please click here.

These last two images are from when young Paul Newman was in the U.S. Navy during World War II serving as a crewman on the Avengers. It is just amazing what a full life he lived and his achievements are truly incredible!!!