Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ever Notice? Starbucks Sub...

In Rolex nickname parlance we have the four Rolex Sodas: Pepsi, Coke and Rootbeer GMTs, as well as the 7up Sub.  

Actually a friend of mine named Dennis and I coined the term, 7up Submariner.  I guess you could also call it the Sprite Sub as well.

One day I was walking past Starbucks and I could not help notice my LV Submariner looked very similar to the Starbucks logo, so I call it the Starbucks Sub.  For some reason, the LV Rolex Submariner has this extra energy the black one does not and in has everything to do with the green.

It is like the Green 50th Anniversary Submariner is Caffeinated.  I just noticed that somebody else referred to their LV as "The Incredible Hulk."  Many people also refer to it as "The Kermit."