Friday, February 08, 2013

Rolex Coolness: Steve McQueen The King Of Cool

...The King Of Cool...

Steve McQueen

McQueen at Sebring 1970

[Rolex Submariner: Reference 5512]

In this photo we see Steve McQueen at Sebring in 1970 wearing his trademark Rolex Submariner (Reference 5512). Of course, Steve McQueen is the King Of Cool, and I included a video interview of Steve McQueen at Sebring in 1970 talking about how he was racing with his broken foot!!!

"I'm not sure whether I'm an actor who races or a racer who acts."
-Steve McQueen

Notice in the photo below, that Steve McQueen is wearing his Rolex Submariner while racing during the 1970 Sebring race!!!

Steve McQueen's Secret Karate Career
Bruce Lee & Chuck Norris

"Those who are skilled in producing surprises will win."
–Sun Tzu, The Art Of War 500BC

Steve McQueen was an accomplished martial artist, but he kept it low key, and often denied it in interviews. Steve McQueen and Bruce Lee were close friends and Bruce Lee taught Steve McQueen, Jeet Kune Do which is a hybrid martial arts system and life philosophy founded by Bruce Lee in 1967.

Chuck Norris with Bruce Lee Pictured Above

Fascinating Bruce Lee Interview

Be Like Water!

Chuck Norris was also a personal Karate instructor of Steve McQueen, and apparently, Steve McQueen earned a third degree black belt, but never tested for it because he did not want anybody to sue him and use it against him. Steve McQueen is pictured below with Chuck Norris, in a very rare photo taken in front of Chuck Norris' Karate Studio in the early 1970s, and Steve McQueen appears to be checking out a Karate magazine.

Steve McQueen encouraged, both of his martial arts teachers, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris to pursue acting careers.

Bruce Lee said when he first met Steve McQueen "When I first saw him, I couldn't understand the guy. Steve was so suspicious of me and it took quite a while before I got to know him. But once he accepted me as a friend, we became real close."

Steve McQueen and Bruce Lee are pictured below, and they are certainly two of the coolest guys that ever lived. Bruce Lee once referred to himself as "The Oriental Steve McQueen."

Steve McQueen said "I'm not an expert or anything like that. I'm not involved in the martial arts to any degree. Bruce was just a very old personal friend of mine and I cared for him a lot. I thought he was a brilliant, fine philosopher about everyday living. He had good standards, and I have great respect for that."

This footage from "Way Of The Dragon" is mesmerizing and it shows how amazing of an athlete Bruce Lee was!!! Turn the volume way up!!!!!

Bruce Lee had many famous actors and athletes as students, including basketball legend, Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Bruce Lee had this amazing fight screen in "Game Of Death" which was filmed in 1973 just before he passed away. Game Of Death was not released until 1978, at which time it became an enormous success despite the campy 1970s Charlie's Angels soundtrack.

The world was shocked when Bruce Lee died. Steve McQueen was a lead pallbearer along with James Coburn at Bruce Lee's funeral which took place on July 31, 1973 on Capital Hill. Bruce Lee was only 33 years old when he stepped back into eternity. 7 years later, Steve McQueen at only 50 yeas of age, also stepped back into eternity. I don't know if it is true that only the good die young, but it would have been nice to see them both with grey hair.

"If you love life, don't waste time, because time is what life is made of." –Bruce Lee