Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why I Research & Publish Rolex History Happy Holidays from Jake!!!!!!

Why I Research & Publish Rolex History
Happy Holidays from Jake!!!!!!

Hi Everybody!!!

I hope you are having a great holiday season!!!!

People often ask me what motivates me to capture all this amazing Rolex history?

First and foremost, I find it to be absolutely fascinating!!!! I am probably the biggest fan of reading Jake's Rolex World. I realize this sounds strange, but often times I love to get lost in these amazing historical worlds!!!

Secondly, I realize if I don't capture this amazing Rolex history, it will be lost forever, and that would be an absolute shame.

Last, but not least, I love all the friends I have made all over the planet, and if I knew there was only one other person on planet earth that enjoyed my research, writing and photo layouts as much as I do, it would all make it worth while. That being said, Greg Carrara is a huge fan of Jake's Rolex World and he just sent in this amazing holiday note:

Hi Jake,

I have to say, Jake's Rolex World is the best thing on the web. At night when I am hanging out late, I stay up much later than my wife, I love going through Jake's Rolex World…no matter how many times I go through your site, I always find something new or something I missed…it is like Seinfeld for me, I can never get enough…

Greg Carrara

I have to say that getting notes like this make for a very Merry Christmas!!!!

By the way, I have much more mind-boggling Rolex history coming up in 2011, and I mean mind-boggling!!!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!

Jake :-D